Suspect Objects: Anti-racism in Art, Archives and Decolonial practice. A discussion with SOAS's Dr Amina Yaqin and artist Faisal Hussain

ABOUT THE EVENT Suspect Objects Suspect Subjects is a collection of works by artist Faisal Hussain and in this talk we discuss anti-racism in the course of creating the work, the history and inspirations of the artworks with particular references to his hometown of Birmingham. In addition to his arts practice we will also cover […]

SOAS Exhibition

Suspect Objects... will be exhibited at SOAS's Brunei Gallery between January and March 2021.

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Suspect Objects Suspect Subjects Roundtable Discussion

Faisal Hussain, Prof. Imran Awan (BCU) and Arron Gill (GAP Arts Project, Birmingham) held a roundtable discussion about the intersections of Art, Community and Suspicion

Centrala Exhibition