Today 17:59
I got your number from Mark and thanks for your email. Your absolutely right we need to get rid of all of these bastard europeans, asians and africans. Once David cameron gets us out of this fuckin european union we can say goodbye to all of these fuckheads! All of these bastard spanish, italians, portugese, romanians, greeks, indians, chinese, somalians, taking our jobs and leaving our young teenagers out of work.
But dont worry pal, we will see britain become great again, great britain! Our brotherhood will become stronger with our freemason brothers and our one eye leader will rule us and make us victorious over these scum who think they are worth people. Whats wrong? How comes you dont reply? Your not jacking off are yah?
That stupid bitch chancellor merkel in germany cant even control the situation in her own country with the problem of those muslams. Just shows a woman can never lead a country or do a proper job! Thats why our freemason brothers are the best in controlling these false governments!
Whats wrong why dont you reply or answer? Will i see you at the pub tamorrow or at bingo?

متنمّر الرسائل النصية

2016 | Text message 

تلقى الفنان هذه الرسالة النصية من رقم مجهول. وهي مثال حقيقي للإساءة العنصرية، فقد أصبح "التنمر الالكتروني" سائدًا بشكل متزايد في المجتمع في وقتنا هذا؛ خصوصا وأن التكنولوجيا الحديثة تسمح للأشخاص بإخفاء هوياتهم الحقيقية، مما يشجعهم على القيام بتصرفات عنصرية. كما أنّ طرق التواصل المعاصرة تعزز من نشر الكراهية.